Today’s rural women face challenges unlike ever before, which makes it all the more important that the people in their lives know how to help equip them with the sustainable -economic, and critical leadership skills they need to guide them through the difficulties they encounter. Harnessing the incredible potential of these groups is vital to developing resilience and the behavior and thought patterns that will serve them for decades to come.

The SELF Project offers tools and curriculum that are practical, honest, engaging, and data-driven so that you can help rural women to take advantage of the unique development happening during them. You can help them improve their relationships, communicate effectively,
develop strong interpersonal and marketing skills, and create a community of skilled women empowered enough to address global challenges like climate change, gender gaps, and poverty.

I created The SELF Project to empower rural women to local and use available resources to address challenges that affect them. Drawing from their past experiences, present realities, and future expectations. Every once a month we gather around the fireplace to discuss issues of economic empowerment, climate change, and gender parity among other sustainable development goals which are largely interlinked with our goal of providing local solutions to climate change.

The SELF project has been made possible with support from Amos Trust, a UK-based organisation. We are grateful for their support and continued guidance to our rural community and the various platforms they have offered us as a community.

The project is also open to hosting like-minded people in one of our monthly fireside conversations that happen in the Otuke district in Northern Uganda. Connect with me to participate in one of our amazing sessions and let us draw from your cup of wisdom.