I have had many women raise me by the hand and I can confidently say today I am where I am because certain women selflessly dedicated their time into nurturing my dreams and listening to my concerns. 

In that same spirit, I have dedicated myself to listen to the plight of the rural women, the once who have many times been ignored and yet are the most affected by climate change. 

We began by listening to each other and have come up with amazing initiatives to green our environment. Each of the women is as invested in this initiative as the other. 

We are focusing on establishing green fields in Northern Uganda, together with the women we are very intentional about the kind of trees we plant majorly fruit bearing trees, Shea trees, moringa trees and local trees for firewood. 

While the women have volunteered their land to plant these trees, we are currently looking for resources to help us buy these seedlings and distribute them. We are looking at planting one million trees every year. 

Support our dream of establishing green fields by donating to this cause.