I don’t fit into many boxes, am a creative climate change activist and a lawyer focused on achieving sustainable development goals through rural futurism. I work with rural women in Northern Uganda to combat climate change using a green business approach where the women profit from the trees in their compounds thus encouraging them to plant more trees.

This idea gave birth to Keri naturals a green business idea run on Shea nut trees and moringa trees. My greatest hope is to empower communities using Keri naturals as a model set up to achieve sustainable development goals through rural featurism.

My priority goals are sDGs 13 ( Climate action), 1 (No poverty), 5 (Gender equality), and 8 ( Decent work and economic growth)

Being a lawyer, social entrepreneur, and climate activist, Immaculate is currently the company secretary to the Youth Coalition for SDGs Uganda where she oversees all legal-related aspects of the coalition.

Immaculate is also the founder of Keri Naturals an entity working with rural women to develop green business solutions using rural features.

Immaculate is also a climate fellow with Amos Trust an organization in the United Kingdom. Through this role, she managed to secure a grant to run a SELF project focusing on Gender equality and climate action where she trains 20 rural women on the linkages between gender and climate change.

In her earlier career, immaculate worked with Center for Policy analysis as a research intern and later worked with the United Nations Human Rights Office of the High Commissioner as an intern for six months before establishing her own non-profit entity Generation Engage Network and later the Keri Naturals a green business venture.